How to become a solicitor?

Do you want a piece of legal advice related to your personal or business affairs? In this case, you need the help of a solicitor? He may give you his expert legal consultation, keeping in view the different aspects of the law. You may have an issue related to property purchases, will, or civil or criminal matters, and he may advise you about these affairs. You may be looking for a consultation about divorce, and you will have to consult with a divorce solicitor Manchester. If you are residing in Manchester or surrounding areas, he may tell you about the legal process of divorce. Similarly, you may need to advise on other matters related to your business, and you will need to call a solicitor for this issue. He gives expert legal counsel, to save you from complications.

You may become a solicitor. There is a set of qualifications that you need to acquire. There is a wide range of legal fields in which you may get trained. Here are some of them. There are different fields in which you may offer your services.

Private practice

You may provide legal services such as convincing, probation, civil and criminal law, litigation, etc. You may also deal with the legal aspects of injury and family law.

Commercial affairs

You may become a solicitor to deal with the business affair. You may advise and act for contract law, tax, company sales, and merging process.

Legal advice

You may work for companies, public and local authorities as a solicitor

Crown prosecution


When you step into the law field, you will have to deal with a wide range of people. For this purpose, you need to have skills. You need to have expertise in the related field. Here are some of the best things you need to have. To become a solicitor, qualifications and skills are necessary.

  • It would be best if you got a degree in law; then, you need to gain admission to legal practice course-LPC.
  • You must also complete a non-law study program and then CPE exam, graduate diploma, and then LPC.
  • When you work in the legal profession, you may complete the fellowship of the chartered institute of legal executives
  • You must be capable of giving complex law a simpler world and explain it that people may understand it correctly.

Essential qualifications

  • Law degree and LPC
  • Complete exam for CILEX
  • Proper English skills
  • Understanding of contemporary laws