Is it possible to make an injury claim if you’re injured by a product fault?

There are many instances in which products that are purchased by consumers turn out to be faulty or defective in one way or another. Sadly, many of these faulty product claim scenarios result in an injury to someone attempting to use the product. As a result, this gives rise to a defective product claim. In fact, it is estimated that tens of thousands of people are directly affected by defective products on a yearly basis.

Types of Faulty Product Claim

There are several different types of the faulty product claimed that can be pursued by an experienced personal injury claims UK attorney. However, it’s very important that you carefully document the events that transpired so that there is a clear record available to the team of accident compensation solicitors who will be reviewing your case.

Given the fact that accident injury claims are typically contested quite vigorously by the opposing party, it’s important that you do everything you can to seek out qualified personal injury claim advice from a competent and experienced team of solicitors. You are always better served by a no-win no-fee compensation solicitor whose focus is on getting a damage award on your behalf.

Three common parties in product liability claims include:

Manufacturer: Manufacturers are typically at the beginning of the chain of distribution for an injury due to manufacturing defects, design defects and failure to warn. It is also important to include any other additional parties that may be involved in the manufacture, design or marketing of the product.

Retailer: Retailers may be held responsible for a defective product even though they did not manufacture it, but rather simply because they sold it. It is important to note that you do not have to be the buyer or the user of the defective product in order to hold the retailer liable.

Wholesaler or Distributor: Any party between the manufacturer and retailer of the defective product may also be held liable for your injuries. This may include wholesalers, distributors, or any other “middlemen.” Each of these parties may be part of the distribution of the defective product and thus can be held responsible.

Is It Necessary to Make a Compensation Claim for a Defective Product?

For most serious faulty product claim injuries, making the appropriate compensation claim through the help of claims solicitorsis not only necessary but justified. Remember, if you are experiencing pain and discomfort as a result of an injury sustained while trying to use the product in a manner for which it was intended – you were fully within your rights to file a product liability claim and possibly collect money for your injuries.

As mentioned, a moment ago, it will be important for you to collect as much evidence as possible to help the team of accident compensation solicitors obtains a favourable judgment on your behalf. This means having the product that is defective available, and it also means writing down exactly what you did to cause the problem and the resulting injury that followed. If there were any witnesses who saw what happened, their testimony can be extremely helpful.